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JerryVickyWho Is This Jerry Guy Anyway?

Lets get to it!  You will either be repulsed by my story or you’ll realize that if someone can screw up there life and still become a raging success…you should know YOU can too!  And God has called me and a community of others to help you!

I grew up as a shy timid kid thrown into a parochial school with friends that had parents that were business owners.  Difference was…they had money, my parents did not.  In fact, the only reason I was there was my parents wanted me to get the best education.  My clothes were different then theirs (no uniforms required) and I was constantly picked on, teased and the butt end of all jokes.

Finally Someone Noticed me!

Then a coach noticed me at recess playing sports… and asked me if I wanted to play team sports.  I was good at sports and I loved playing them.  I told the coach that I was VERY interested, but he had to talk my mom into it.  Because I was the only child and my mom had 2 miscarriages before me…she sheltered me…fear of loss or of me getting hurt.  After 2 weeks, every single day…the coach finally succeeded in convincing my mom…HE was my new hero.

You see….when I played sports…kids no longer made fun of me.  Everyone would remark about how well I played.  I learned a lot from my coach…all the way up to my first injury in 7th grade.  I strained my back in baseball…I remember my mom going to drive me to the doctors and stopping by a bar to see if my dad wanted to go with us.  I remember my dad saying something like…”Your wasting your time with sports, get an education!”  He also never showed up to any of my games.

I Tried Even Harder to Win My Father’s Attention

This was one of the major turning points in my life… I thought if I played better…I could get my dads attention.  I worked harder and harder!  Three different fractures over a 2 year period of time…left me with little hope for playing any High School sports.

I think my dad said “I told you so!”

In the middle of 9th grade my parents were getting divorced.  My mom could no longer afford the tuition so armed with my fear of rejection and rekindled shyness…I was forced into the public school system.

Dad has a drinking problem, Parents Divorce (the Separation was also a rollercoaster), Mom forced to have to work, I enter Public School Middle of 9th Grade, I get suspended, Started smoking, Tried different drugs, Grades start Failing, Mom is dating…gets married.


More fights, Bad Crowd, Bad relationships, Mom has a Drinking Problem, Step dad has a drinking problem, Step dad belittles me (You know, your worthless, you’ll never amount to anything…that stuff),  I used to tell my friends….I put the “fun” in “dysfunctional”, Middle of my Senior year parents decide to move 30 miles from my High School,  I barely graduated – In fact I was 5 credits short (Interesting story how I talked the principle into waiving those credits)

Class of 1987…Mom is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I started working in the Grocery Market and moved out,  At age 19 got my girlfriend pregnant…child was aborted, That Relationship failed, Got charged with a DUI and exhibitionist speed (Dare you to ask me about that one), Married in 1991, Joined Amway, Got fired from the Market and jailed for 16 days

This is a great way to make a good impression with your in-laws

We moved in with my Mom and Step Dad, Couldn’t find work so moved in to my In-laws garage, My wife and I had taken a beating in our marriage.  Creditors calling and in front of my in laws I would have to say….I can’t afford to pay you right now…I don’t know when I will have the money.

I must add at this point….My In-Laws never looked down on me…Amazing!  They are a phenomenal blessing to me!

Just when things were at there worst in my marriage…the Northridge earthquake hit 1/17/94 (6.7 Magnitude), That was God’s shaking his head “NO” that this marriage was not to end!  I learned a ton in Amway…I was reading everything I could….devouring it.  I listened to tapes, went to seminars and started implementing everything I could.

I studied over 80 books on marriage…and “Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars” did not exist.  I learned one thing at of all those books and I am going to tell you for FREE!

“You can be right, or you can be happy”

I decided to be happy….my tongue bled for 2 months, I worked 3 jobs, until we could afford to move out with my brother in law

Over the next 10 years my wife and I worked our way to executive positions…applying everything we learned from MLM, Our whole lives were transformed…we bought a house (in CA that is an accomplishment all by itself), and both of us had a 6-Figure income.

Lifestyle was a blast!

However, we backed ourselves into a cage not realizing it.   Car Repo’d (2 days before Christmas),  House in and out of foreclosure (3-4 times), On probation at work because of too many sick days (update… I have been happily self-employed since 2009)

I couldn’t afford to pay attention….and attention knew I couldn’t pay

Phone disconnected, Power shut off

Lots more that I missed….and I know there are others out there that have had 10x worse.  The point is…

Where you are in life is not who you are!

Your passion… Your God given calling… Your purpose… The sum of your life experiences are the clues for you to uncover your genius!

Make it a great day!


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My Mission Statement

I have been entrusted with Talents and Gifts that God uses to restore balance in the Financial, Physical and Spiritual lives of His People.

I serve God and others, by Researching and Analyzing information about the needs of each individual.

It is then my Responsibility to Synthesize this information into a Strategy that will empower and equip these individuals.

My Focus

My focus is to help people achieve success in their businesses and personal life’s by putting certain mindsets into action.  I do this by providing an open forum conference call, Monday through Friday, in a community of like minded entrepreneurs.  The show is called Mindset Daily!

Face it… we live in a busy world that it is very easy to lose track of what is important.  This is the importance of being part of a community that will “Celebrate who you are.”


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