Don’t waste your time on the people that need your opportunity!

We all do it!

Even the prospect viewing your opportunity does it!

We go after the people that NEED our opportunity! Here is how it works and  what’s going on in your prospects head during an opportunity presentation.  They are thinking of all the people they know that either need this product (or service) or need this opportunity.

You know, Uncle Pete is out of work and home all day, he would be perfect for this.  Then there is Pam who has been complaining about being low on energy, so the product will be perfect for her.

This is why testimonials are crucial to a well planned presentation.  They jog the prospects memory of possible candidates.  The mind is like an abacus, tallying up who they know that are sure wins!  Although everyone is different, most people are ready to sign-up when they can picture 6 people that will take action!

After all…they all NEED this opportunity or product!

This type of thinking is commonly referred to as the “lottery mentality”.  The newest member of your team has 6 lottery tickets that he is banking on his success with your company.  He does not tell you he has these 6 people in mind and armed with hopes and dreams, initiates his plan of attack.

Do I need to finish?  Or can you already imagine what happens?

Not knowing what to say and full of excitement he calls Uncle Pete, and after 20 minutes of rambling about the leadership, company track record and how much money can be made… Uncle Pete says…. ah, no thanks!

BTW…. the next family gathering with Uncle Pete is going to feel… Awkward!!!

Your prospects steps back confused… not sure what happened with Uncle Pete, after shaking himself off he looks at it this way…. at least he has 5 more lottery tickets!  Besides, Pam needs this product, surely she will get involved.

This repeats till the last call where your newest member has been kicked around so much, he forgets why he is calling and on the last call just asks… You wouldn’t be interested in an income opportunity by chance, would you?

The next day you call your new member and either they do not take your call or tell you they are not interested!  What happened?  All in less then 24 hours.  WOW!

If you go after the people who need your opportunity or product…. you will go broke!  If you have stuck with me to this point, here is what you should be looking for.

You should be talking to people who WANT your opportunity.  Sometimes they are the same people, but the way you communicate with them will determine the response they give you.

Let me show you how to talk with people so they want what you have!

It is called curiosity…

When you get together with friends and family the talk is generally around 3 things.  Pay attention to this the next time your in a group of people, either with people you know or don’t know.  Conversation always gravitates towards:

  1. The weather
  2. What is going wrong in their lives (or the world in general)
  3. What will be going wrong in the future

You have to find what people want… you already know what they need, but they have to want what you have.  They have to want to change.  In your mind you see the whole picture, they don’t.

NOTE: Anyone who has been in the same situation for 5 years or more, most likely will not have what it takes to change.  They have developed habits that have become part of their identity, which is now ingrained in their belief system.

Now here is the deal… teach your new person to call Uncle Pete and chat, wait for him to say something that he wants.  It could be as simple as Uncle Pete saying he went to the Doctors today… really, what for?

Lets say Uncle Pete says, ah my hip is bothering me.  Continue asking some questions then end with… Hey, Uncle Pete, I know some people that have found an all natural way to relieve hip pain, if ever you are interested in more information, just let me know.

THEN….change the subject!

You planted a seed of curiosity… no pitch, no rejection!

Did you catch that?

Either Uncle Pete is going to say, Hey….what did you say?  All as you do is repeat what you said and change the subject again.  If he asks for more info… get it to him.  This is not the opportunity for you to pitch him. In fact, you should never be doing a pitch again for the rest of your life.

That means you will never get rejected!

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