Evangelism: The Gift To Spread the Word

As an Entrepreneur you are able to speak about your company and products with clarity and conviction.  You also have the natural ability to bring your product or service to new markets.  In fact, this excites you!

It is important to understand why you have this ability, especially when you like around you and are unable to get people in your business to do the same as you.  Although it is important for everyone to realize the purpose of their gifts, it is even more important to know who gave them to you to begin with.  They are gifts, you can accept or reject them!

You can even use them without acknowledging the Giver of the gift.

Each day you build your business, you will find you can’t repress your talents and gifts.  The gift of Evangelism has love and enthusiasm that people are automatically attracted to.  This puts a great responsibility of you to use your gifts to build up the Kingdom of Christ.  Your products and services are just a way to build a relationship with people so they can see you as a living testament of Christ’s love.

See Acts 8:26-40

People with this gift:

  • communicate the message of Christ with clarity and conviction
  • seek out opportunities to talk to unbelievers about spiritual matters
  • challenge unbelievers to faith and to become fully devoted followers of Christ
  • adapt their presentation of the gospel to connect with the individuals needs
  • seek opportunities to build relationships with unbelievers.

If you are unable to see how any of your gifts apply to your normal everyday life, please call me.  I would love to help provide you with the perspective that will take your life and your business to the next level.

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