Faith: The Talent of Confidence

One of the key ingredients for an Entrepreneur is to be able to have others see their vision.  I feel the gift of faith is part of that ability, but it is not just faith in ones abilities, or faith in a product or company…. it is all of the above.  You see the gift of faith transcends the entirety of ones being.   It really just comes down to if the persons skills are motivated by love or greed.  I always like to look at the fruits of ones life and who they surround themselves with.

Generally people are the average of the 5 closest people they associate with… that is financially and morally.  Again, I said generally!

See Hebrews 11

People with this Gift:

  • believe the promises of God and inspire others to do the same
  • act in complete confidence of God’s ability to overcome obstacles
  • demonstrate an attitude of trust in God’s will and his promises
  • advance the cause of Christ because they go forward when others will not
  • ask God for what is needed and trust him for his provision

Where is your faith?  How is your confidence in your ability to make things happen?  It is extremely important that you discover this God given gift is not to promote faith in mankind.  This is a temporal life, where your soul is eternal.  Let me help you align your God given talent with your business… feel free to contact me.

Make it a great day!

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