Giving: The Talent of Resource

I see these Entrepreneurs as the ones that financially help and assist others in their business.  It is not always the giving of financial resources, but also of time and other talents.  These individuals are extremely generous and are passionate about sharing their resources.  This is not an ego thing, these people genuinely feel love flowing through them to others when they give.

Many of us would like to be better givers and it is important not to confuse with the true authentic gift of giving.  Someone with this gift does not say to themselves, I wish I had more so I was able to give.  Someone with this gift is always looking at ways to maximize their resources, not so they can be seen as charitable, but so they can quietly build up others.

When a giver has the vision of a company, product or team… they fuel their resources to create a movement out of their business.  The love that flows through these people is amazing…. Please make sure you do not take these individuals for granted.

On a personal note, I want to encourage you to do exactly what I do.  I ask my business partners to take 20 minutes and take Spiritual Gift Quiz.  No matter what their faith is!  It helps me to serve them and also make sure I can help them grow with the team.

See 2 Corinthians 8:1-5

People with this gift:

  • manage their finances and limit their lifestyle in order to give as much of their resources as possible
  • support the work of ministry with sacrificial gifts to advance the Kingdom
  • meet tangible needs that enable spiritual growth to occur
  • provide resources, generously and cheerfully, trusting God for His provision
  • may have a special ability to make money so that they may use it to further God’s work

When going through each of these spiritual gifts I like show how in an Entrepreneur’s world we can see how God can work through us.  It by no means is to water down ones faith and belief.  Rather it is to show you the gifts God has given you and to hopefully awaken a desire to discover your purpose.  Please contact me to talk more about how your gifts apply to your existing business.

In His Service,

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