Helps/Serving: The Talent to Enable Others

This entrepreneur creates and/or markets products that can able others to be better people.  They like to remain behind the scene but have a very keen sense of the BIG picture.  Even if it is the same task day after day, they are driven by the personal responsibility to make others productive.  Many entrepreneurial endeavors have several partners… a varied collection of gifts can provide balance and sustaining resources for any venture.

While this gift on the back-end can assist virtually all the other gifts…there biggest challenge is serving themselves.  They normally are not able to ask for something, to them it is counter intuitive.  If you have challenges asking someone for a sale, you have been conditioned over the years that it is shameful.  I believe each gift can be prosperous and it is our obligation to help people achieve the same prosperity.  Mind you, I do not speak of material prosperity, however, it is often a measuring factor that conveys progress.

See Galatians 6:1-2 and Acts 6:2-4

People with this Gift:

  • serve behind the scenes whenever needed to support the gifts and ministries of others (without having to be asked)
  • see the tangible and practical things to be done and enjoy doing them
  • sense God’s purpose and pleasure in meeting every day responsibilities
  • attach spiritual value to practical service
  • enjoy knowing that they are freeing up others to do what God has called them to do
  • would rather do a job than find someone else to do it

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