Indecision is actually a decision, but it does not lead to success.

We have all heard it before…

“What we read and who we associate with are major indicators of where we will be within the next 5 years!”

To just give you an idea of the truth of that statement, take a look at the income of the people you associate with.  Who do you go out to dinner with? Who do you go to the movies with?  In general, their income and your income is most likely within a close proximity of each other.

Here is a lesson that will draw a picture for you.

Gather the following real quick!

  • Piece of paper
  • Pen
  • 5 minutes
  1. Down the left side of the paper, number 1 – 10
  2. Next to numbers 1-5 write the names of people you know personally
  3. On numbers 6-10, write the names of people you admire (your hero’s)
  4. To the right of each name quickly write a “D” or an “I” next to the persons name (“D” = Decisive and “I” = Indecisive)
    NOTE: If this takes you longer then 10 seconds, you may find yourself as indecisive
  5. One last step, to the right of each name, next to each “D” or “I”, add an “S” or a “U” based on “S” = Successful, while “U” = Unsuccessful

So lets put this all together….

How many people did you have “DS” next to?

How about “IU”?

How about “DUI”?  (just seeing if you were paying attention)

Do you see a connection between being Decisive and Successful?

If you see the connection then you will understand that people who are “IU” will not bring you closer to your goals.  Sorry to be blunt!  Besides, we all know family members that fit this category.  We still love them, but this should be a note to ourselves not to let any of their opinions affect us!

Now, associating with a “DU” may not bring you closer to your goals either.  This type of person normally does not bring others into consideration.  Plus, they are often very angry, bitter, arrogant and…. you get the picture.

So, do you know which combination you are now?

Now where do you need to be?  I think you understand it is “DS”.

Have you noticed that there are common objections that always come up for people.  You know, how come Frank always gets the “pyramid question”, How come Pam always gets people that don’t have enough money?  Subconsciously, these people are inviting these responses based on their own indecision.

These responses are invited by your lack of decision.  Think about it.  You are less likely to question someone that is in a leadership position, based on their conviction and commitment.  Their vision illuminates their aura for the world to see!

Decision is a choice, and the Choices you make today, will shift your tomorrow.  Everyday we talk about topics just like this…


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