Knowledge: The Talent to Connect the Dots

Entrepreneurs with this Gift are able to see converging markets and have a pulse on what is going on in the consumers hearts.  Also, they are able to pull resources, sometimes from abstract areas, and associate them together.

This knowledge is a thirst for learning and growing.  Often it is combined with the gift of teaching.  The business person with this gift is good at research and uncovering truths to any area of life.

The biggest concern for this talent is when they become an editor rather than a creator of tangible products.

See Ephesians 3:14-19

People with this Gift:

  • receive truth which enables them to better serve the body
  • search the scriptures for insight, understanding, and truth
  • gain knowledge which at times was not attained by natural means
  • have an unusual insight or understanding that serves the church
  • organize information for teaching and practical use

I believe there are 3 areas of focus to have a fulfilled life…Body, Mind and Spirit.  We are either growing in these areas on a daily basis or not.  Body is our material world… our careers, products, families, etc.  Our mind somewhat guides the body to create its world, however, it is only when we align ourselves with our spirit that we start to feel driven and at peace…both at the same time.  I would love to help you get there, please call me so we can chat and get you on course.

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