Leadership: The Talent to Motivate and Inspire

Entrepreneurs lead the way in many areas of business.  A leader is one that discovers they have a responsibility to people, not for people.  Leadership is realizing the needs of future leaders in your team or those that are loyal followers.

Leaders design tools and create an atmosphere for those that want to take action on, can improve themselves.  These individuals inspire and motivate others to action.  They see the BIG picture and can pull everyone’s talents together for the greater good.

See Hebrews 13:7, Judges 3:10, Exodus 18:13-16

People with this Gift:

  • provide direction for God’s people of ministry
  • motivate others to perform to the best of their abilities
  • present the “BIG Picture” for others to see
  • model the values of the ministry
  • take responsibility and establish goals

Considering that my business is my ministry, it is obvious to some members on my team, but not to all.  When I go over each of these talents, the bullet points show where these gifts fit in a ministry.  I have done this so you can see the BIG picture.  Use your gifts to build your business, but understand the purpose God gave them to you.  Not only build your business, but build others for the Kingdom.

Regardless of your beliefs… I am sure you will benefit from the study of Your Unique Spiritual Gifts.  Once you take the Assessment, call me so I can help you apply to your current business.

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