Regardless, No matter what, this is ALWAYS unethical to sell!

Normally it is the car salesmen that sells it, but just as easily pushed by insurance agents, doctors, lawyers, teachers….even housewife’s.  This is not saying they ALL sell this, but if you read on, you will see what I am talking about.

Lets take the car salesman for example.  How many car salespeople have the drive the brand of car they sell?  What is your guess?  Percentage wise.  For illustrative purposes I think it is fair to say that a majority of my readers will say more than 50%.  Lets just say 70%!

I truly believe that what I’m about to share with you is why we do not care for salespeople.  AND it is critical that we do not make these 2 mistakes in our own businesses and personal life’s.


Here are the 2 MAJOR LAWS of Ethical Marketing:

  1. We need to own and use the products we sell.  It is clear that we are only after the money and not at all concerned with the buyers well being.  This is a generalization and is not an absolute.  Example: A man in a health and wellness company most likely is unaware of the make-up line.
  2. We need to lead by example.  This gets kind of tricky, so follow me here.  You want be able encourage or persuade someone to come in at a higher level then what you did.  This is a psychological thing!  No matter how good of an actor you may be.

Now, back to the car salesmen… I think we all since they want a sale.  It is that rare individual that you come across that says… “Oh yes, I love this model… I have had 3 different models and are still in the family.”

Next time your on the phone… be honest, if you have not tried the product or service, make sure you have a story of someone else how has had a great experience with it.

I used to be an Insurance Agent specializing in Long-Term Care insurance, that was my niche.  I spoke with Financial Planners and helped them approach their entire book of business with the importance of this insurance.  I did extremely well, but it was not until I got a policy for myself that my production skyrocketed.  My whole attitude changed, as well as my communication.  Imagine that at 38 year old with Long-Term Care insurance.  My colleagues did the same thing after hearing my results, several of them were younger then me.

So….. are YOU ALL IN?

Last thing… I was once told by Marshall Sylver…. If you have a product or service that can help another, it is your moral obligation to communicate (sell) it to them.

Always remember though, we are looking for people that want what we have, not need.  People who are needy generally are void of the drive needed to make a change in their life.  This will be a whole other blog post!

Make it a great day!

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