What does giving back to others and your community mean to you?

Back in July I had the opportunity to speak on a topic that is not common amongst our Mindset Community.  Every day, Monday – Friday we have the “Mindset Daily” show at 10am Eastern time.  We start the show with an affirmation, this way each of us will have the opportunity to apply to our day.

Today’s affirmation was: Giving back to the community is my pleasure.

Personally, when I give back to the community I feel like I am making a difference in the world.  I also feel it is my responsibility to share with others that are less fortunate.

We have all heard the saying: “It is better to give then it is to receive”.

Just try feeling that way if your life is in survival mode.  You know, creditors calling, electricity being shut off, and the dreaded screen on the ATM.  Please understand that just the emotion of gratitude, that focus of what is good in your life, is critical to get you out of this downward spiral.

If you give away, expecting to receive something, you are missing the whole gift of this process.  Picture a bucket, and as you fill it with joy and gratitude, and your life is full of abundance, you know you have enough for yourself, that you can afford to give.  This could be time, money or even your knowledge!

The whole concept of it is better to give then it is to receive, stems from gratitude.

When your bucket is full, you trust that you have the resources.  There is now question in your mind.  I truly believe this type of thinking, this mindset… leads to gratitude!  That gratitude that is the source to all love and happiness.

When you give back to the community you are part of a positive change.  You are the first priority, if there are holes in your bucket and you are spending your time plugging them, only to have all your energy leak out…. reach out to your community to help you.

Once your are taken care of, give back to the community, then expand to charities of your choice.  Giving back to the community requires that I put others before me and place myself in their shoes.

I really can not do just to what others shared on today’s Mindset Daily Call… If you 15 minutes…. listen in to the replay

Make it a great day!

Jerry Meyer

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