Wisdom: The Talent to See The Truth

In an Entrepreneur’s World whether it be on the internet or in person, to be able to sort through the opinions, facts and thoughts to determine a solution is truly a GIFT!  Wisdom is the gift to not just determine the solution for the team, but it could be more specific for an individual.  Since we are all at different areas in life, a one size fits all approach does not work.  Wisdom provides clarity of goals to the individual and teams.  Wisdom applies knowledge and experience, but also an intuitive insight that is truly divine.

See James 3:13-17

People with this Gift:

  • Focus on the unseen consequences in determining the next steps to take
  • receive an understanding of what is necessary to meet the needs of the body provide divinely given solutions in the midst of conflict and confusion
  • hear the Spirit provide direction for God’s best in a given situation
  • apply spiritual truth in specific and practical ways

In our day and age we need Entrepreneurs that have experienced the truth that lies in wisdom.  Notice I said experienced!  Not know the truth…   Not wants the truth.  I believe people with the gift of wisdom can have a supernatural (divine) understanding and that is the Spirit within them.  If you have found yourself in situations where you just knew the best solution, the best action to be taken… than as time passed you experienced first hand the wisdom of your heart.  God has given you this for a reason my friend.

It is important to remember that gifts can go unused.  But gifts can also be developed and should be!  In fact, as you learn to enhance any talent… you will find a peace… a peace of true purpose.  I hope you are well on you way and live each day with passion.  Contact me if you would like to chat!

Be Blessed!

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